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Fall Fundraising Campaign is underway,

make your donation by December 31, 2020.  All donations are tax-deductible.


               How YOU Can  Help:

· Send a personal check to:             

     Ohio Valley United Charities, Inc.

                   P.O. Box 528

               Carrollton, KY  41008

· Sign up at work to give by payroll  deduction.

· Volunteer with one of the organizations Ohio Valley  United Charities, Inc. funds.



Officers and Directors

President:  Haley Turner  haley.turner@lge-ku.com


Vice President:   Malcolm Carraco  m.carraco@twc.com

                             Beverly Marcum      blmarcum10@gmail.com                        


Treasurer:  Joyce Rutledge   joyce.rutledge@twc.com


Secretary:  Shirley Warnick  shirley@gallatincpl.org


Board of Directors:

Ruth Baxter

Malcolm Carraco

William J. Welty

Dianne Stockdale

Janetta Briscoe

Jo Brewer

Jeff Chowning

Laura Hickey

Conte Flowers




Pictured above is KU Ghent Power Plant presenting The Food Pantry of Carroll County with funds raised by employees.  From left are Mike Gardner and Carl Roberts, Directors of the Food Pantry Board; Dianne Stockdale, KU Co-chair of fundraiser; Jama Snyder and Ruth Baxter, Directors of the Food Pantry; and Troy Bickers, KU Co-chair of fundraiser.  Gallatin County's food pantry also benefited from this fundraiser.

P.O. BOX 528
Carrollton, KY 41008